Borrowed Earth Design

Small square stool
wooden legs painted high gloss blue
480 x 285 x 245mm
NZD $290.00

Te Moana nui a Kiwa
The variations of blue represent the colours of the Pacific Ocean – The great ocean of Kiwa

Kowhaiwhai (curvilinear surface design) is the ancient art of painted traditions by Maori. As an art form, kowhaiwhai is distinctively Maori, most often seen on the meeting house ridgepole (tahuhu) and on the rafters (heke). Kowhaiwhai patterns show an emphasis on the use of forms that represent growth seeds, the uncurling of the young fern frond, young curled leaves, shoots and branches.

Fabric: One metre of our fabric contains the equivalent of four plastic bottles. Printing using water based vegetable pigment inks.

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