Borrowed Earth Design

Borrowed Earth Design Kura Gallery Maori Art Design New Zealand Kowhaiwhai Korero tuku iho cushion

420 x 420 x 185mm
NZD $132.00 with inner – NZD $96.50 without inner

Ngā kōrero tuku iho
The red, black and white colours represent stories of the past and traditions

Kōwhaiwhai (curvilinear surface design) is the ancient art of painted traditions by Māori. As an art form, kōwhaiwhai is distinctively Māori, most often seen on the meeting house ridgepole (tāhuhu) and on the rafters (heke). Kōwhaiwhai patterns show an emphasis on the use of forms that represent growth seeds, the uncurling of the young fern frond, young curled leaves, shoots and branches.

Fabric:  One metre of our fabric contains the equivalent of four plastic bottles.  Printing using water based vegetable pigment inks.

Cushion Inner: Non allergenic and antibacterial, recycled PET fibre comes from 100% post consumer plastic bottles.

Zipper: Eco friendly made from recycled materials

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