Bronwyn Waipuka

Bronwyn Waipuka Kura Gallery Maori Art Design New Zealand Mana Wahine Framed Print Mama Aroha

Mama Aroha (Version #1)
white box frame floating giclee print
hahnemuhle photo rag matte 308gsm
590 x 465mm
NZD $1,090.00
Nga wahine o te Ao ka kawe a matou ora wairua ki tona u … Women are the future of our world. They are carrying our lives in their breast and in their spirit.

This artwork was inspired by the Native American proverb (see above) which expresses concern for land and succeeding generations. It comes from the ‘Seven-Generation-Sustainability’ philosophy and is a North-American-Indian ecological concept that tries to motivate the people of today to live sustainable lives, care for the environment, and to work for the benefit of up to 140 years into the future – ‘seven generations’.

Whenua is the land, a woman named Papatuanuku (Earth Mother). She is the essence that nutures and sustains us all. Mama Aroha means ’mother love’. A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever.



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