Artist Profile: Allan Gale


Allan Gale, is a well known New Zealand Wood Engraver and was born in 1947 in Lower Hutt Aotearoa -New Zealand.

In 1971 he commenced woodcarving in a secluded bush valley at Waiotemarama, Hokianga where he still lives. Initially he made wooden bowls, bone carvings and windsor chairs, and later diversified into wood sculpture.

Allan uses the end grain of kauri and carves the picture he wants on the wood, for single colour prints he uses a single piece of wood, he uses a different piece of kauri for each colour.

In 1987 he began wood engraving using hand held graves on end grain kauri blocks, during this time he also began printmaking. He is a self-taught artist that has been practising for many years.
Allan currently resides in the energetic community of Waimamaku, South Hokianga, Far North