Deane-Rose Ngatai

Deane-Rose Ngatai Kura Gallery Maori Art Design New Zealand Photography Te Orokohanga Poster Print 1

Te Orokohanga 1
unframed print (unlimited)

AO 1189 x 841mm
NZD$100.00 each

A2 594 x 420mm
NZD $36.00 each

A3 set of 4 (1 Of each poster)
420 x 297mm each
NZD $45.00 set

Te Ihorei me Te Ahorei o Te Orokohanga
The pillars of time in life that hold substance to our existences.

As I mature as an individual who exists within both Te Ao Maori and Te Ao Pakeha comfortably, I am discovering more, the significance of Whakapapa in all things. Whakapapa is commonly understood as genealogy, lineage or descent but literally means to lie flat or to lay down, and can be referred to as a foundation. Te Orokohanga refers to origin and creation.

The Te Orokohanga series draws on Rangi and Papa and their existence within our whakapapa.  I am interested in the evolution since and from our origin from a Kaupapa Maori perspective (Maori worldview) and how this is still relevant within our whakapapa today. The series explores the layers and relationships within whakapapa, emphasising the interconnectedness that exist within this.

The work draws from pattern, design and concepts within traditional raranga (weaving), whatu and tukutuku. Interested in the concept of a kahu or cloak and its relationship to Rangi and Papa, I have used feathers to symbolise the connections of manu (birds) and their role as messengers within both spaces.

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