Hei Tiki

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The Tiki depicts the first mortal being. It is also a strong fertility symbol, with the hands on the loins symbolising fertility. The Tiki is a good luck charm, and believed to give the wearer clarity of thought and great inner knowledge.

The typical tiki has a large, angled rounded or pointed head, usually just slightly less than half of the total length and with the mouth on either the left or right side. The eyes were often inset with paua but later, after the arrival of Europeans, red sealing wax was used. Usually the remainder of the body featured a relatively large abdomen, the legs in a squatting position with the heels together and both hands resting on the thighs. The tiki represents mankind and is a powerful good luck symbol. His tilted head represents thought, its hand strength, its mouth communication, its heart love and its loins fertility.

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