Baye Riddell exhibition contemporary maori ceramic art kura gallery new zealand

New works by ceramic sculptor Baye Riddell

Kura Wellington 10th to 28th October 2008
Kura Auckland 6th to  to 5th December 2008

Each life journey is unique and an artwork to be won and shaped from the experiences that befall us or that we choose to embrace and enter into.

Ethnicity, gender and circumstance befall us as we choose our beliefs.  We fashion a world view from perceived truths and defining moments.  Hopefully our art is an expression of who we are, what we believe in and how we see the world.

For myself, this is important and I draw from the various layers of cultural, spiritual, social, political, psychological, physical that make up who I am at the present time.  The possibilities for exploration within each layer is extensive. The possible combinations and permutations between layers is, to all intents and purposes, limitless.

The real challenge is not to compromise but to explore and express without regard for market, social or critical approval.

Its not easy and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. That’s the journey and thats life and thats art.

Baye Riddell Exhibition - Roma Baye whanau
Roma Potiki whaikorero – welcomes Baye Riddell and discusses his work

Baye Riddell Exhibition - Tom and Baye
Kaumatua Tom Ward concludes the powhiri with waiata on his koauau while Baye listens

Baye Riddell Exhibition - Guests enjoy show, Tohu wine and kai
Nga manuhuri enjoy the preview, Tohu wine and kai.