Carin Wilson

Ngati Awa, Ngai Te Rangihouhiri

Designer / Sculptor / Carver

Carin Wilson has been designing and making furniture and interiors at Studio Pasifika in Auckland for over 20 years. A regular exhibitor, his work has been recognized with several grants and awards and is held in public and private collections in 5 countries. He has an Honorary Diploma in Art & Design and has assisted in the design and implementation of several tertiary art education programmes.

“I trust the power art has in shaping our future and approach my work as if it might make a modest contribution. In my understanding as a maker, art is a practical expression of personal philosophy – love and wisdom – in daily practice. Working creatively is a privilege, like being in a constant state of metamorphosis. It has a timeless quality that deepens my appreciation of the gift of life. From that place I set out to conceive and develop everlasting concepts with simple form and sensitivity to the best materials I can find. When I get it right, the work takes on a life of its own and I slip quietly into the minutiae. There, maybe the dialogue that went on between creator and creation will act as a catalyst for another kind of transformation”.