Jimmy Kouratoras

Ngati Tiipa, Tainui


Emerging from 18 years as a commercial artist for television and film, Jimmy James Kouratoras’ pieces relish the freedom and boldness of an artist unleashed. After launching his first solo exhibition at Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery in 2012 Jimmy’s work has gained momentum and confidence in its exploration of Greek and Maori iconography and mythology. Born to a Cretian father and a Maori mother of Ngati Tiipa and Tainui Tribe, Jimmy has a rich and multi-faceted heritage to draw from.

Te Reo Maori is a very influential factor in Jimmy’s work. Through his pieces he delves into the tactile and visual nature of the language, drawing from the rich imagery that the spoken language evokes. Spurred on by his desire to understand Te Reo Maori more fluently Jimmy’s works are conversation pieces with past, present and future Maoritanga.

Jimmy’s use of bold and vivid colours lends an added dimension to his exploration of language, but also draws from the rich, deep colours of the Mediterranean island of Crete from which his paternal family reside. The blues of the ocean and yellows and pinks of the spectacular sunrises and sunsets have a prolific impact on the intensity of Jimmy’s palette and are intrinsically linked to his Greek heritage.

Jimmy James Kouratoras shows an immense talent and confidence as an artist, resulting in large scale pieces that are aesthetically bold and beautiful. His explorations of subjects and icons related to his heritage are becoming more complex and mature as his art grows, laying down personal challenges every time he puts paintbrush to canvas and opening new path ways for him to pursue creatively and intellectually.