Michael Wallace

Ngai Tahu

Michael Wallace is a Wellington artist who has extensive experience in his field. He has previously worked at Weta Workshop as head of mould making. His love of the arts developed as a young boy, sculpting castles, creatures and cars beside the river using number eight wire and riverbank clay.
As an enthusiastic eighteen-year-old, Michael was given the opportunity to join Weta Workshop, putting together armor and weapons for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This followed onto becoming a Weta armour and weapons dresser and technician.
Since those formative years, Mike has brought his unique skills to a host of award winning films that include; The Last Samurai, King Kong, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, District 9, Avatar, various horror films and most recently The Hobbit trilogy.
Combining his passion for sculptural fine art with over a decade of technical mastery, Mike enjoys using a wide variety of materials. Typically these are themed around life, creation and deterioration, by magnifying the earth’s natural elements and capturing the harmony that exists in its chaotic behavior.