Carved wooden Poupou (part of a maori house) by Hohepa PeniHohepa Peni

Poupou Manaia Torea
totara wood, paraoa/whalebone
1,760 x 520 x 70mm
W  apr21
NZD $14,900

This poupou is carved from totara wood and uses paraoa (whalebone) for the eyes.

Poupou – wall-pillars, post, upright slabs forming the framework of the walls of a house, carved wall figures.

Manaia – stylised figure used in carving.

Torea – skinny – the manaia torea has a long thin body.



Two manu torea (wading birds with long thin legs and bills) were the kaitiaki (guardians) for the waka (canoe) of the Te Arawa people of Rotorua. This poupou is dedicated to the environment of the navigator in Te Moana-nui-a Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean). – Hohepa Peni