Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving Lyonel Grant

Discoteko, 2010
laser cut acrylic

Lyonel Grant
Ngati Pikiao, Te Arawa

Lyonel Grant is a master carver and sculptor working in many media including stone, wood, bronze, glass, ceramics, paint, with each creation having its own distinct character.

Lyonel combines his dual lineage influences while exploring western sculptural materials and techniques. He has an interest in conceptual questions about where he and the artwork has come from, giving expression through artistic means. To this effect, Lyonel was one of the concept developers behind the Gold Award Winning New Zealand entry of the Chelsea Garden Show exhibit in London 2004 and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.

In the 1970s Lyonel was taught by John Taipa (master carver) at the Maori Arts and Crafts institute in Rotorua, graduating with an Honours degree, before becoming first assistant to the master Carver at the Institute. In 1984 he began an independent career with his early work focused exclusively on traditional Maori carving. Lyonel has undertaken several major projects including commissions from the British Museum and the National Museums of Scotland, the completion of three meeting houses, the Waitangi Sesquicentennial waka and participated in many international festivals, symposia, and competitions, both here and abroad.

In 2009 Lyonel was a recipient of the New Zealand Arts Foundation Laureate Award and was also awarded an honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Education) from Unitec Institute of Technology in July 2009.

Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving Lyonel Grant

Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving Lyonel Grant     Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving Lyonel Grant