Alex Sands – Koropepe (50mm #AS-20 As)


Alex Sands – Koropepe (50mm #AS-20 As)

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Alex Sands

Koropepe pendant
Beef bone, waxed cord
50 x 40 x 5mm
As may23 #AS-20
NZD $270

Koropepe – Mythical Eel
Koropepe is an eel-type fish, a mythical guardian. (pronounced cor-orpep-eh). The Koropepe is thought to represent the curled tuna (eel) which was one of the main protein sources hundreds of years back in Maori history. Many Koropepe have a coiled appearance with bird-like heads. Theseheads are said to possess its spiritual power. The design is a relatively modern form as no ancient examples have been found. The Koropepe is a symbol of new beginnings, youth, prosperity and abundance.

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