Josey Coyle – Niho Pendant


Tooth form pendant carved from dark marsden flower jade.

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Josey Coyle

Hei Niho/Tooth Form Pendant
dark marsden flower pounamu/greenstone, sterling silver
73 x 26 x 7mm pendant
W jul19 gd  #252
NZD $800

Niho – tooth/tooth form, Hei – to suspend or hang ie from a cord

The niho or tooth form can represent a spiritual connection to water (oceans, lakes, rivers) and nature, as well as a being a symbol of prosperity, abundance and protection.

Traditionally, niho (the teeth) of highly regarded creatures were worn decoratively as well as ceremonially. They were connected to Maori mythology and Mana Moana – authority and connection to the ocean and inland waters – and could symbolise the ability to provide for the people as well as give protection while travelling.

When actual teeth were not available, the tooth form could be carved from pounamu/greenstone and other stone, as well as bone.


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