Owen Mapp – Whalebone Manaia Large (115mm #712-5 Ws)


Owen Mapp – Whalebone Manaia Large (115mm #712-5 Ws)

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Owen Mapp

Large Whalebone Manaia Pendant with paua eyes
NZ whalebone, paua shell, black cord
115 x 55 x 12mm
Ws  jan22    #712-5
NZD $2,520

The manaia is a mythological creature and is usually depicted with the head of a bird, the body of a man and the tail of a fish (representing sky, earth and sea). A manaia is a spiritual guardian/guardian angel and protects the wearer from danger or evil. The three fingers can represent past, present and future or birth, life and death.

Due to CITES, whalebone cannot be exported from New Zealand.

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