Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving ric moor

Ric Moor + Courtney Jamison (The Gathering)

Pounamu Locket
silver, Marsden pounamu/greenstone
locket: 40 x 30 x 50mm   chain: 37cm
Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving ric moor

Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving ric moor

Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Carving ric moor



Ric Moor was born in Kaikohe (in Northland). There, he was immersed in a rich cultural heritage of both Maori and European influence. The land, community and family that Ric was raised in has been the foundation of inspiration for his creativity.

Ric first began carving in volcanic stone at age 11, following that Ric then moved to bone and my mother’s silverware. Later in life Ric discovered Jade as a new medium to explore and learn from.

He have been based on the West coast since the mid-nineties and have his studio in Rapahoe.

Ric has been supporting other artists through his studio for the past 12 years. For the past year he have been teaching at Tai Poutini Polytechnic.

Rics aim is to share his passion of stone and art with people who are interested in carving and to develop a multimedia approach by mixing jade with metal and other stones in small and large scale work.

The Symposium Rift was born out of the want and willingness to share skills by a group of artists, it is an amazing time of mutual support and differing ideas where the sum of the people and skills add to much more than the simple summation of the people


Courtney Jamieson is a young and up and coming artist. Courntey leant the art of silversmtihing in Wellington. He recently moved to the West Coast of the South Islands to become more engaged in a carvers way of life and learn the art of pounamuy carving.