Opens Kura Auckland – 5.30pm Friday 6th December 2013


An exhibition of new works by graduates and tutors.

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On 1 January 2011, Tairawhiti Polytechnic officially merged with EIT Taradale becoming the off-site campus now known as EIT Tairawhiti.
On the new organisational structure, Toihoukura sits under the School of Maori Studies – Te Manga Maori, it continues to enjoy a high level
of autonomy, creative license, and close links to hapu, iwi and wider Maori community groups.

Toihoukura Philosophy
Tenei nga poumatua
Tenei nga poumatua

Te kahui pou o tai whakarongo wananga

Te pou ka toko, te pou ka hiki, te pou ka eke.

To ake nei matau I te tatau

O te whare o Te Toi-o-nga-rangi

Te tatau o te umu tiramarama

Te umu tipu te whaihanga.

Whakatiria te hi o Rua kia hihiri

Whakapoua te hi o Rua kia rarama.

Tohungia te hau o Rongo-tangi-te-wiwini

Rukuhia te wai o Rongo-tangi-te-wawana

Kia ma nga pukenga, kia ma nga wananga

Kia ma hoki matau enei pia, enei tauira

He toirangi, he toimatua, he toi tangata ki ahau e!

Ki te whai ao, ki te ao marama

Whano, whana haramai te toki!

Haumi e, hui e, taiki e!

Na Derek Lardelli

Used to inspire, awaken the mind and quicken the thought processes no matter the subject being discussed. The reference to those who have passed on, and the processes and protocols they have left behind to guide in everyday life is
acknowledged so that understanding and enlightenment are achieved.  This finds its foundation in the story of how the three baskets of knowledge were acquired by Tane from the Twelfth Heaven and the sacred gods – the knowledge to be shared amongst mankind.  It is this thread that connects us with the power of higher learning and the pursuit of knowledge –  so that we may find the world of light,  and the world of living. It is a growing art, a veritable art, a living art!