Kura Gallery Maori Art New Zealand Design Exhibition Weaving Multimedia Clay

Opens Friday 11 June 2010, Kura Wellington

Multimedia artist Annabelle Buick, clay artist Paerau Corneal and weaver Jess Paraone are exhibiting new works as part of the Matariki Festival Celebrations.  Outstanding works by three outstanding contemporary Maori women artists.

Matariki is our Aotearoa New Year, a time to celebrate our unique place in the world. Celebrations are signaled by the predawn rise of the Matariki constellation on the North East horizon around the end of May and the New Year celebrations begin on the sighting of the first New Moon. It is a time to respect the whenua (land) on which we live. A time to learn about our history. It signals a time of growth and change, a time to prepare and a time of action. A celebration of culture, language and diversity.

We are proud to have the opportunity to introduce Paerau Corneal to Kura Gallery. An artist since the late 80’s Paerau has a Masters in Maori Visual Arts. She has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and internationally, including Te Papa-Wellington, Pataka Museum-Porirua, Rarotonga, Australia, Spirit Wrestler Gallery-Vancouver and Spain. Paerau has completed public commissions and has been included in publications both in New Zealand and Internationally.

Paerau is a foundation member of Nga Kaihanga Uku,  a national Maori Clayworkers Collective, she lives and works in Palmerston North.

My work intends to engender a sense of cultural connectedness as we negotiate, adapt, reinvent and navigate our lives in our attempts to retain our cultural identities.

view exhibition pics: http://www.kuragallery.co.nz/tatai-whetu-a-matariki-celebration-wellington-june-2010

view Annabelle’s work: http://www.kuragallery.co.nz/?cat=37&submit=view

view Jess’s work: http://www.kuragallery.co.nz/?cat=21&submit=view

view Paerau’s work: http://www.kuragallery.co.nz/?cat=129&submit=view