Aimee McLeod


Certificate in Craft Design at Whitireia Polytech and Diploma of Art (Ceramics) from ANU, Canberra.

“I’ve exhibited in solo, club and selected national exhibitions, NZAFA and other group exhibitions around NZ, as well as in Japan while we lived there. Most recently I was a finalist in the 2018 Portage Ceramic awards.

I work with a variety of clays using different techniques – earthenware, stoneware and porcelain – to produce a range of styles. I love throwing multiples of good functional work, sturdy large bowls, but also the more painstaking thin and translucent porcelain. I enjoy carving delicate bowls but also coiling robust organic pieces. I make my own glazes and fire work in my gas kiln.

From incorporating Koru in my work, my coil built pieces have now moved on to become humanoid shapes, like visitors from another world.”