Ana Krakosky

Te Atiawa


“As a member of Te Atiawa, legend has it that my people are descended from the sky. I try to remember this in my work; to craft for great worth, make it well, see unlimited potential, make good choices, challenge myself and love what I do.

I am an artist and an educator, with a background in the areas of design and hard materials, furniture maker, painter, silversmith and jade carver. I have been designing and working with a wide range of materials for over 10 years, creating sculptures, jewellery, furniture and one-off design pieces.

Jade carving is a relatively new medium for me and I enjoy moulding and shaping hard stone into well-formed objects of beauty. I love working with the strength of pounamu and the feel of it between my fingers as I transform it.

I’m inspired by the feminine and delicate things in nature, its beautiful shapes, curves and patterns.

Good design is something I value and I believe this starts with simple shapes and forms. A lot of time is spent exploring ideas and planning out the best proportions and shapes for my pieces.

I enjoy working with the suggestion of movement in my designs, particularly when working with a medium as unmoving as jade.”