Andrew Tamati-Wright

Te Ati Awa, Puketapu Hapu, Te Rarua

Street/ Mural Artist

Andrew Tamati–Wright, more commonly known as the artist “Kerb1”, was born and raised in Newtown, Wellington. Kerb1 has been practicing and perfecting his skills for over 30 years. Throughout his career Kerb1 has been commissioned to create works in restaurants, cafes and store fronts around Aotearoa (NZ). Kerb1 has also created canvas works, graphic design works as well as customization of fashion clothing. Kerb1 specialises in large scale works, lettering, caricatures and landscapes. He has had many solo exhibitions throughout his career with the culmination being a public group show titled “TS: 25 Years of Written History” at Pataka Gallery in Porirua, New Zealand in 2016.

Kerb1 is a well known figure and representative within the Aotearoa Hip Hop scene, and has been involved with the local Hip Hop scene in Wellington for many decades, first as a B boy and then later as an Aerosol Artist and Turntablist. He has a deep history as a club and live show DJ and has worked with many local and international artists. Kerb1 has recently returned home after traveling around the world experiencing and sharing his many talents with international Hip Hop communities and participating in well known international B boy/ B girl/ hip hop events.

Over the years Kerb1 has remained active and dedicated to promoting and preserving Hip Hop culture here in Aotearoa and afar, his dedication to share his knowledge and skills specifically with the youth people of Aotearoa is a focus and a passion.