Brian Flintoff


Brian Flintoff’s carvings have been exhibited in several countries and some are in Museums, and Public and Private Collections worldwide. He has also gained recognition by being made an Elected Artist Member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. His contributions to the arts were recognised with the awarding of a Queens Service Medal in 2010.

Working with Te Haumanu, a group dedicated to the revival of Māori flute and instrument making and playing, has brought him status as a traditional flute maker. Support and guidance from the Māori community has been the greatest influence and inspiration for his carving. Therefore he considers the most satisfying acknowledgement possible is that he is proud to have many pieces ‘at home’ on Marae throughout Aotearoa.

His attitude to carving bone is inspired by that of traditional artists, who strove for excellence in order to please the spirit world. Their understanding that harmony is the balance of Spiritual and Physical elements has enriched both his life and his carving.