Cath Rogers

Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāpuhi


As an artist I am constantly inspired by the world around me – its colourful characters and different environments – as well as by the many rich experiences that have shaped and influenced me.

Abstraction has been a very deliberate choice in my current works as it allows for greater freedom of expression, personal interpretation and individuality of style and pictorial language. My paintings are the result of my need to create and express what I yearn to see and feel more of in this world. I have a strong desire to be part of and to cultivate a more colourful, unified and vibrant world. My craving for culture and for enriching, nurturing and fun experiences has compelled me to create bright and electrifying works whose imagery is life-enhancing, joyful, uplifting and hopeful.

As well as painting, I have spent the last two decades exploring & studying many creative disciplines including photography, print making, graphic design, raranga, jazz vocals and contemporary dance. I feel all of these different strands of learning have helped to shape my creative world and mould the wholistic creative picture of who I am and what I am trying to express in the world. During this time I have exhibited and sold works at numerous galleries, shows and outlets throughout NZ.

Earlier works include detailed Maori motif where I have drawn inspiration from my Maori heritage, my iwi being Nga Puhi & Ngati Maniapoto. I have always been passionate about Maori culture, the natural environs of Aotearoa and exploring the holistic principles that underlie and connect indigenous cultures throughout the world.

More recent & current works have been dedicated to creating and producing large scale, more abstract paintings that deliver bold, punchy, vibrant statements. Eccentric and playful in their nature, these painterly pieces invite the viewer to stop, look & take a deep dive into the wilds of expressive abandonment.