Conor Jeory

Carver, Weaver, Multimedia Artist

Conor was born 1969 in Taraiwhiti/Gisborne on the East Coast of the North Island where he currently resides. His mother is of Ngati Porou descent and his father is from Liverpool, England.

A self-taught artist, Conor is passionate about the history of his area and puts his hand to a variety of mediums that allow him to tell his stories of observation and experience living on the east coast. His work has sold to both local and international collectors.

“The clear felling of the forest for unimpeded farmland, which is kept clear by fences and pastured cows and sheep, reveals dramatic bones. A landscape completely carved by the generations of farmers who have maintained the legacy of pastoral farming – a legacy that has disastrous environmental consequences. The erosion leading to silting up of rivers, inundation of coastal eco-systems and of course the haunting deathly absence of biodiversity through monoculturalism”