Darryl Fagence

Glass Creations
Glass artist – Innovator – Engineer

Darryl’s interest in glass design began after working as an engineer from 1973-1978 where he worked with lead-light for lampshades and windows and later progressed to glass blowing. He moved to Northland in 1982 where he worked in bending glass with a LPG and solar powered blast furnace where the glass was worked into curved glass. By 1986 he was creating bowls using the draped glass method using an electric kiln.

Darryl explores many creative possibilities within his chosen medium and has produced a wide and varied range of glass artworks including sculpture, installations and bowls which have been and continue to be heavily influenced by our Pacific region.

Darryl’s artwork has been exported to several countries including the USA, UK, Singapore and Australia.

Past, present, and future inspire the glass design
Creating new pieces sets the challenge
Finishing the piece completes the dream – Darryl Fagence