Doug Marsden


Born 1958 in Te Kuiti, Doug Marsden is a full time, largely self taught carver.

“I began carving in 1982, making pendants and sculptures from cleaned cow leg bone. I was inspired by the New Zealand Maori style and tradition of wearing an amulet. As my carving improved I began to realize that the tools, media, design and techniques were similar to those of Japanese netsuke carvers. The book. ‘The Art of Netsuke Carving’, by master netsuke shi, Masa Toshi, gave me the inspiration and insight to pursue my carving in a more serious manner. I received personal encouragement from Raymond Bushell, Miriam Kinsey and Bishu Saito. In 1985 with assistance from QEII Arts Council I was able to travel to Tokyo, Japan to meet with the late Mr M. Yamada, Japan’s foremost netsuke dealer. Formal meetings with Mr Nakayama and Bishu Saito, president of the Japan Netsuke Association, further inspired me to keep at my carving. Contacts continue through the annual Seibu Netsuke Exhibits. In 1992 M. Spindel Gallery NY agreed to show and catalogue my carving. I enjoy carving contemplative subjects. The expression of emotion and strong tactile appeal are always my main goals. My other interests and creations include my daughters Sara and Beth, landscape gardening and sailing.”