Maria Brockhill

Te Atiawa nui tonu, Ngati Ruanui, Ngati Maniapoto,

Clay Artist

Maria lives in Taranaki and has a workshop studio at Bell Block where she makes her ceramic works, combining hand building and throwing on the wheel. She finds her inspiration in her ancestral Mountain Taranaki and the rugged land and seascapes along the north Taranaki coast.

Maria exhibits her work nationally and internationally. In 2014 Maria exhibited with a group of leading Taranaki artists travelled to France.

“Colour and texture are important to my clay work, and this has lead me to an on-going development of rich and intense coloured glazes often in jewel like colours. The latest series of work I’ve made shows the pooling, blending and glaze runs that are created after the heat work in the kiln, and the interaction of the glaze and textural elements. The textures I put on my clay work are made with objects found from nature and are my interpretation of contemporary Maori design. The combination of these designs with the glass-like glaze treatment is the direction I am currently exploring. Combining glazes and firing them together at high temperatures is always an exciting surprise when I open the kiln.”