Mathew Hay

Innovative furniture designs:
Solid basalt stone, recycled rimu and oregon

This latest furniture work from Architectural Designer Mathew Hay solidifies a promising new partnership between Hay and Nelson craftsman Jude Raffills. The resulting pieces place them firmly on the radar of New Zealand furniture design.

The five pieces of furniture featured in this show mark the second complete range of works produced by Hay, a graduate of Auckland University School of Architecture. Hay has been running a design practice in Nelson for the last three years.

This 2008 furniture range has been inspired by an investigation into both traditional timber construction and Hay’s local South Island surroundings.

“My initial investigation for this body of work was the notion of permanence with a local New Zealand materiality. Last year I spent some time in a 400 year old barn in Wales. There were huge oak beams and massive slabs of Walsh slate every where. The jointing techniques were remarkably similar to Japanese detailing, which has always inspired me.”

The scale of work is dramatic. Materials have been sourced from the northern part of the South Island creating work which reflects the regions rich colour pallet. Solid Basalt stone, recycled Rimu and Oregon timbers are combined to form innovative & refined pieces of work.

For this range, Hay has commissioned the involvement of Nelson based craftsman Jude Raffills. Together they have explored ideas of folding and stitching materials to create a complex collection of details that Raffills has executed with the precision that makes this work simple, rational, and elegant.