Melanie Baldwin

Ngati Porou

Multi Media Artist

Melanie Tangaere Baldwin was born in New Zealand in 1981 of Ngati Porou decent.

She grew up in Murupura, Botswana, Auckland and spent time in Melbourne before relocating to Gisborne where she currently lives and works.

She completed her Maori Visual Arts Degree with Toihoukura Maori School of Visual Arts and Design in 2015. Her first solo show was with PAULNACHE Gallery in Gisborne, New Zealand.

For the next part of her journey, Baldwin plans to combine parenthood (she has a one year old daughter and is currently hapu with her second) with professional development.

“I want my art to be accessible, I want everyone, kids, teenagers, adults to all be able to get something from it…even if i have to use sparkles and cartoons to draw them in. I want to start discussions, I want to talk about decolonisation, and retell Maori and indigenous stories so that our voices are heard.”