Michelle Bow


Pottery is Michelle’s passion. She fell in love with clay 28 years ago at teachers college and continued to develop her pottery skills over the next 15 years, while moving into a career as a Graphic Designer.

In 2001 Michelle joined Auckland Studio Potters, built a pottery studio and became a full-time potter. For the last 12 years she has been producing functional domestic ware and sculptural art pieces which have sold through exhibitions, retail outlets and galleries in New Zealand, Aotearoa.

In 2012, Michelle completed the Otago Polytechnic Visual Arts Ceramics Diploma which she found inspiring and very encouraging.

Being born in New Zealand of mixed heritage, and brought up in multi-cultural West Auckland, Michelle’s art reflects a kaleidoscope of many cultures. Her current work focuses on exploring the traditional arts, motifs and icons of New Zealand and the Pacific in a range of thrown and hand-built forms.