Peter Radley

Born in Yorkshire, England, and schooled at a Quaker Institution that fostered my interests in art.

I attended the Falmouth School of Fine Arts for an initial Foundation Year course followed by the degree 1973-8. This was interrupted by a fire that destroyed both building and work. Opportunity arose to visit Australia, then New Zealand, working in Napier as a graphic artist in the advertising and print trades, and so much liked the way of life, landscape and people, that I stayed becoming a citizen in 1979.

Since then I have worked as a solo artist and craftsman in the Bay of Plenty, showing work in Rotorua, Auckland and Hawkes Bay. 12 years ago we moved to Tikokino in Central Hawkes Bay and since then I have worked as a solo artist and craftsman in Central Hawkes Bay and currently in Ohiwa, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, where I have a studio/workshop at home.

I am inspired by the local nature to produce work reflecting the NZ landscape and culture which exhibits in Auckland, Wellington and Taupo, and is made from local wood, stone and shell.