Tom Muir


Kitchen Artefacts

Kitchen Artefacts are handmade in Te Miro by sculptor-chef, Tom Muir. Tom is passionate about creating practical items of lasting beauty with a strong connection to Aotearoa, New Zealand.

They are all suited to every day cooking needs (or treasured possession status). We describe them as Heritage Cookware because they are made to be used and to be passed on.
I have developed these styles over years as an artisan cook and they are a pleasure to hold and a daily asset to your kitchen art.

All the implements and boards are made from sustainably sourced New Zealand native timbers. Most of the knife blades and spoon heads are fashioned from Black Maire, one of New Zealand’s hardest timbers, used by the early Maori for cultivation tools and weaponry. Because of this timber’s density, the blades are capable of cutting the unwary, so, as with any blade, take care. They are more than decorative items and are not to be used as toys. The knives are suited to cutting fruit, hard and soft cheeses, as well as cutting and serving quiche, cakes, pies etc depending on style and size. Some of the knives feature blades of Puriri, Rata, Taraire or Matai, all capable of holding an edge.

The spoons, spatulas and servers are all individually made so there is creative variation in the style and types of wood used for the handles, the aim is to produce one that feels just right for you so left handers are catered for too.

We also make a diverse range of boards – from small to large and from solid rustic to fine elegance. These can be used for food preparation and serving cheeses, fruits and many other food dishes. The boards feature rare and beautiful native timbers which look stunning simply displayed awaiting their use.

Our products are finished with Osmo, a food safe, plant based product made in Germany to EU regulations.

Please note – Do not put implements or boards in the dishwasher and do not leave the boards exposed to direct sunlight.